Subo Food Bottle Straw Spout (5mm)

Subo Food Bottle Straw Spout 5mm

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The straw spout is made from food grade silicon. It is a soft mouthpiece that has a 5mm diameter opening that allows for thinner type foods like purees, plain yogurts, and rice cereals.

It is interchangeable with the original spout that comes with The Subo Food Bottle. One size fits all.

The Straw Spout is recommended for ages 6m -2 years as this age group are usually having runnier foods.

The Straw Spout is a smaller than the Original Spout which comes with the Subo Food Bottle. The original spout the Subo bottle comes with, is recommended for ages 2 years plus. It is recommended to buy the Straw Spout when using between ages 6m - 2 years.